Margaret Lengerich

Co-Founder & CEO of HMSolution

Margaret is Industrial Engineer with an MSc in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from Brown University. Previously, Margaret worked for two years in a strategy consulting firm and two more years as an engineer in innovation management at Gerdau AZA, a steel manufacturing company. She also has experience working in R&D at Brown’s laboratories. Her academic and professional experience has allowed her to become an expert in arsenic removal technologies, innovation, entrepreneurship and strategy.

Eugene Yazbak

Executive Vice President

Eugene Yazbak has 30 years of global experience taking advanced industrial products to market. He has led 10 technology manufacturing companies including start-ups, turn-arounds and market-dominant leaders. Gene is a RI native with a Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering from McGill University, Montreal, P.Q., Canada. Our equipment is fabricated in Hopkinton RI at A/Z Corporation, a process equipment designer/builder.

We also have the support of a set of talented advisors within both industry and academia. They have guided us on the business strategy, technology, mechanical engineering and IP.

Source of Photo: Brown University

In mid 2013, Margaret Lengerich was in the midst of an ambitious challenge: build an arsenic water treatment prototype for residential use. While studying at Brown University she studied a new technology, developed by professor Dr. Joseph Calo and his research team, that will mitigate the global problem of arsenic water contamination, and after learning the health effects that this chemical produce in humans she decided to start a company. After graduating from a Msc in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship at Brown University she was awarded a grant from the Venture Well (former NCIIA) to take this novel water treatment technology to commercialization and in December 2013, HMSolution was founded.

In March 2014, HMSolution was accepted in Startup Chile Accelerator. In September of the same year HMSolution became a semifinalist from the Cleantech Open (CTO) 2014 that provided mentorship to refine their business model. HMSolution’s team concentrated all her efforts and resources granted by the Chilean government in validating their business model, identifying the early adopters, and further developing the technology. To date, HMSolution has performed 100 laboratory tests, has filed one patent in the US, and signed a License Term Sheet with Brown University to license the core technology. They have also won two pitch competitions in Chile, the 2015 Rhode Island Business Plan Competition, the water award from MassCEC, UDD Ventures and Chrysalis, were accepted in the Social Enterprise Greenhouse Accelerator, have been awarded a grant from CORFO.